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P -Funk Connection is a Funk group with 10 members based out of Atlanta, Georgia bringing you a high quality sound and performance that grabs you from start to finish. We are all excited about teaming up and working with Legacy (Zach Bernal).

Leader and lead Vocalist:   Patricia Walker is a former member of Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame Parliament Funkadelics and has worked with them over 35 years.  She has recorded and performed with other Artist such as Rick James, Bootsy Collins/ Sweat Band , Phillipe Wynn, Paul Shaffer, Brides of Funkenstein, Steve Washington , Keith Washington and Chico DeBarge just to name a few.

Lead Guitarist:   Kevin Shider the brother of the late Garry Shider known as Starchild is a former Member of Parliament Funkadelic and Original P. Treylewd and has recorded with various Artist.

FEATURED GUITARIST:  Kidd Funkadelic Mr. Michael Hampton
Lead Guitarist:  Derreck Cummings is a former member of Patty LaBelle and Brian McKnight

Background Vocalist: Kimberly Daniels, DeAnna Dawn, Marchris Perkins and Theophilus Glass

Bass Guitarist: Charlie Bynam jr. is a former member of Drac from the group Slave and has performed with Kenny Latimore, Masters of Funk, Bobby V and Calvin Richardson just to name a few.

Keyboards:  Ron Hayes is a former members of Drac from the group Slave and member of the group Basic Black, and played behind  Original P / Parliament Funkadelics , Calvin Richardson, Bobby V, Angie Stone, and  Latimore just to name a few.

Keyboards: Christopher Jackson and Niles

P -Funk Connection is a group that keeps the Party jumping and leaving the fans with a everlasting impression and wanting more. Giving them more of what they funkin for. We are keeping the Funk alive and making people proud if what we do. We have the DNA and the license to Funk. We Are KEEPING THE FUNK ALIVE!  (click her
e to go to their website)

Christina      &      Sandy


Christina Converse Van Camp is an extreme trombone enthusiast and fanatical flutist for the Legacy Band!   Finding no greater thrill than embracing the challenges and that come with musically collaborating with others, she plays regularly with the Springs Contemporary Jazz Big Band, Swing Factory, NHBCOS Kicks Band, New Century Big Band, All In Jazz, and the Rocky Mountain Wind Symphony. Christina is the organizer of the annual Trombone Christmas event at the Chapel Hills Mall and a founding member of the Bare Bones Trombone Choir. She is the proud mother of three wonderful girls and lives in Black Forest Colorado.  You can find her on Facebook.


Sandy Green, Biography:

I moved to Colorado in 2001 and love the mountains!  Working for a local school district, I have taught instrumental and vocal music for over twenty years.  Graduated from college in my early twenties, I am a woodwind major with an emphasis in clarinet and saxophone.  I have been playing saxophone for over 30 years.  Living in Colorado, I enjoy the great outdoors along with hiking, sight-seeing and taking in great concerts and live music!  




Joe Zeman (JoeZ) plays rhythm guitar and sings.  He started studying music in grade school where he played coronet in the grade school band.  He picked up guitar when he was 14, took guitar lessons, and played in 4, 5, 6, and 7 piece bands all through high school and college.  He has continued to play and sing since then, and enjoys the following artists: Bruce Springsteen; John Fogerty; Johnny Cash; Willy Nelson; and Kris Kristofferson.  He is excited for new artists such as: Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars and loves Latin music.  His passions are music and helping people with their careers.

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